Getting a paycheck

need adviceI hope even this may be a little off topic someone might help.

I’ve been working for a company for about 9 months and to say the way I’m paid is inconsistent would be an understatement.

I THINK I’m supposed to be paid every two weeks (which was how I was paid the last four weeks) but now we’re more than two weeks away from my last check and I haven’t received it yet, and it won’t get here now until Tuesday if they even sent it. On other occasions I was paid for one week rather than two and it took them a month to catch up on that! I enjoy the work as I can do it from home and the lady who is my boss is one of the nicest bosses I’ve had (she has nothing to do with payroll) but I’m really getting annoyed at the corporate offices (in London with the US office in Chicago).

Is there anything I can do to rattle their cages to be sure I get paid on a timely and correct basis? As those of you who live paycheck to paycheck, this can become very inconvenient.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Do you have a contract with them? If so, what does it say? If not, I’d call whoever is doing the payroll and find out what the problem is. And I’d make it clear that timely and accurate pay is necessary for you to continue to do the work for them. That’s ridiculous.

Contact the labor department or similar agency in your state and ask them what you can do.

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